Seafood at Baan Pak Nam Kradae, Kanchanadit district, Suratthani province

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If you like fresh seafood and you are in the vicinity of Suratthani town, Baan Pak Nam Kradae at Kanchanadit district in Suratthani province is the place to go.
Located at the end of a small road about 20 km by car northeast from the Suratthani city center, this is a well known vacation destination amongst local people for getting fresh seafood in very pleasant seashore sourrundings.
Baan Pak Nam Kradae is right at the shore and subject to tides.
Tip: If you can, try to make your visit at high tide. At low tide, the surrounding area turns a little swamp-like and may produce a smell unpleasant at dining.

Be aware: although fresh, certain types of Thai food, like the delicious raw oysters, may demand some initial familiarization of your stomach.

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